Best iRobot Roomba 2018

Best iRobot Roomba 2018 – The Top Choices This Year
11 months agoby Patrick Sinclair2 Comments
A lot has changed in the past year with robot vacuums. They are becoming more popular, moving beyond the “early adopter” phase and into the mainstream.

Across the board, performance levels have increased along with overall customer satisfaction. Having been here in the early days of robots (I started this blog in 2011), it’s AMAZING how quickly things have changed.

Why Should you Listen to Me?

First and foremost, I’m a geek. I’m passionate about robots. I’ve been testing robots and writing reviews for over 4 years.
Second, I now have a team who help me test robots out. Between all of us, we can cover all the angles.
Finally, I rely on readers to comment and email me directly about their experiences. When I hear of a problem, I personally try and replicate the conditions to see the problem myself.
I frequently get asked the question:

“Patrick, so what is the best robot vacuum RIGHT NOW?”

Because the market changes quickly, my answer has varied over time. There are certainly some models that are better than others. BUT, the best robot vacuum for YOU, might be different than for ME. In this guide, I break out the various use cases and criteria to evaluate.

This page is updated frequently as we update reviews and new products are released. This is not a page we put up once and then forgot about. If you want to know when the last update was, just check the top of the page to see.

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